Help with prize


I recently found two 6.2" good working tft screens from a portable dvd player. I want to make one into a secondary display for my dell mini 9. I am not sure how. On the screen’s controlling board there is 4 inputs: Power, Ground, + data, - data. I would like to be able to use a usb cable and just plug directly into the board and power it and give it info. I have a VGA to s video, rca cable converter also. I have a decimilla that I could use in the project. The board is named PVS1960 and lights up under usb power.

just wanna. May try to put some type of heads up display on my car. Will do something cool and report back with what it is I do. I have tried to use the VGA rca adapter to power it but my computer doesn’t recognize it as an external display.

Since I have two screens whoever helps, by help I mean basically do almost everything me complete this project, will get a screen too. This way some one else is able to share in the fortune I have and be able to do a cool project also. The screen looks just like it does in the picture in the info supplied. I can also send the broken dvd player if you want also. It has a lot of good parts that are still usable. If multiple people help I can partition it out on a vote and the others can have a one sided circuit board made by cnc machine.


The product can be found through a search for

Mobile DVD player
PVS1960 - 6.2" dual screen mobile DVD Player

I can provide pics of the control board if necessary.

Other info:
I am able to do surface mount soldering and de-soldering as well as have the ability to make custom boards with my CNC machine. I would like to keep the cost down and prefer a software solution so I can move it to my other computers if need be. Any questions that arise I would be happy to answer.

Thank you,

Morgan Whiterabbit