Help with programming arduino for a XY board.

Hello everyone,

I am very sorry to post my very first post as a help seeker.

Actually I'm trying to make a project where I want to use 2 stepper motor and a servo motor for a XY board chess robot. The main idea was brought from

Now, I dont want to use the reed sensors mentioned here.

I just want to give an input to the arduino as the following format "a2b3" where a, b, c, d.... are the values of x axis and 1, 2, 3... are the values of y axis and a2 is the coordinate of the initial position and b3 is the final position.

It is a kind of CNC project but I want to use this idea to move the chess pieces placed on the board by using keyboard command given from the PC. Thanks.


What you describe should be feasible.

Do you have a question?

Stepper Motor Basics
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I need the code for arduino for making this project.

I need the code for arduino for making this project.

The assumption in this Forum is that you are going to write the code yourself. If you run into specific problems we will try to help.

If you want someone else to write the program for you then ask in the Gigs and Collaborations section and be prepared to pay.


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