Help with project

Ok, I’ve got an idea… :stuck_out_tongue: I’m thinking of building a wireless music remote. My idea is to have an LCD that shows the info of the music (Such as song playing, album, artist, time) and several buttons to control simple actions. Because this going to be wireless, so its needs to be able to hold its data, even when it loses it’s connection with the host. So, I will need to store the current info on the arduino. I will most likely use eventshost to send the data as it is very simple and convenient. The Data will be sent from a micro, which acts as a base station. For communication I am going to use these cheap nRF24L01+ transceivers, because, well they’re cheap. I know I am a going to need data to be sent and received and eventghost will send all the data in a single string.

I have got an idea, but know little about writing the code. Anyone have any ideas? Has this been done before? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Also, a n00b question, how do I parse data from a single string and then convert them into variables? For example, If I fed an arduino something like “[device id]album:albumname, Song:songname, time:current time” It would automatically update the variables, then updating on the screen, holding them until the next string arrives.

Any and all ideas are welcome :sunglasses:

Look at serial input basics. It includes a parse example.

You can store a small amount of data in the EEPROM on the Arduino. It also has a limited number of write cycles. The alternative is to add an SD Card to the Arduino or an external I2C EEprom chip


Yes , it has been done before. Read up on RDS “standard”.

RDS may be little more complex of what you envision, it is little overwhelming , but not complicated.

Here are some links.

PS You will find that the off-the-shelf hardware ( TX or RX ) processes only very basic RDS data.

Thanks for the help. I would of never though of using the RDS for it nor did the idea of write cycles come up in my head. Ideas are much appreciated :D I'll try to update this as I work on the project.