Help with PS3 controller + Motor Shield + Arduino Uno + JY-MCU

Good afternoon, I've made ??progress with Arduino, but I found a troubble.
I can control motors with Motor shield and I can control the two DC motors of my "car" via bluetooth with my JY-MCU module, also I can controlling the direction of movement.
Before I get to the bluetooth, got control these motors and the Motor Shield with PS2 controller, removing the connector and using the 9-pin products known.

Now I want to do the most difficult yet, I want to connect a PS3 controller via bluetooth, to allow my engines and thus move to move my car, but I have no idea where to find it.

Someone can help me?Thank you!

My car:
Motor Shield:
Arduino UNO

Pd: Sorry for my English.

This library has support for ps3 controllers, and is well documented.

EDIT: scratch that, this library would be if you were using a usb bluetooth dongle.

Thanks for that, if I don't find anything to use my bluetooth module, I would have to buy a USB Bluetooth Adapter. Thanks!

Any idea?