Help with radio project

Hi, i am new to this forum, i live in the uk and am looking for help with a project.
I have a Panasonic radio that has been modified to scan continuously using an Arduino chip,
i am looking for someone in the UK who could replicate the modification on to an identical radio that has not yet been modified.
I would appreciate any help you can give me.

Thank you

How much detail of the modifications do you have ?
Which Arduino board, or was it done using a standalone chip ?
Have you got any details of the software running on it ?
Who did the modifications ?

Thank you for taking the time to reply,
I purchased the item from a third party on EBay so unfortunately I do not have any details on who modified it.
I have unscrewed the back of the radio and it appears to be a single chip but my knowledge is minimal. I can provide pictures of inside the radio showing the chip and wiring if that is any help.
Once again thank you fir taking the time to reply.

I suspect that doing what you want is going to be difficult without more details and they are going to be difficult to exchange

Start by posting a link to the Ebay listing if it is still available
Did you know that the radio had been modified when you bought it ?
Can you message the Ebay seller to get more details ?

Why, what do you expect to achieve if someone actually copied this modification for you?

All I would see is that this person would have spent money on a radio to get what you have.
Is there something you are not telling us?

Hi, thanks for your input.. the person I bought from on Ebay did not modify it and bought from someone else, I have 4 friends who would like one so am just trying to see if it is possible., nothing sinister there.

I fear that we are not going to make much progress, but please provide as much detail as possible of the model of radio, its normal functions and what it does when modified

Except that you didn't come clean and tell us this at the start.
Do you expect us to do this modification for free? If not how much will you pay us for this?
Why won't you even tell us the model number of the Panasonic radio, there are a hell of a lot of them that have been made over the years?

Hi, wow ok, I was in work so did not have the model number with me, left work helped at a homeless shelter so could not answer right away.
The model is a Panasonic RF ND100, the modification is on the am frequency, and is modified for continuous scanning and does not lock onto a station.
Nothing in life is free so I am happy to pay what is a reasonable request for any work carried out .
I hope this is of help if I have forgotten to explain anything else I apologise in advance.
I hope this is of help, thank you

Thanks that helps.
But unfortunately I couldn't find on for sale in the UK. There was one on eBay in the US but the reserved price was $260.
I also searched for a modification to this model with actually zero results, so it looks like what was done was not documented, at least in English. I did come across a lot of Japanese web sites, but they did not look promising.

So sorry I have drawn a blank here. However if you want a scanning radio there appears to be quite a few available.

Hi Grumpy Mike
Thank you for taking the time to look into it for me I appreciate what you have done.
Do I owe you anything for your time
Thank you

No, that is what we are here for.