Help with ramps 1.4

i am currently building my own large scale 3d printer and require dual y and z axis motors along with dual endstops for each to keep things square. the issue i have run into is that with the existing stepper drivers (5) on the ramps 1.4 i cannot add dual y and dual z along with respective endstops, only one can be done. I figured if somehow i can use the aux pins on the board to connect a driver externally to drive the motor my problem would be solved. would someone please advice me how to do this and along with the firmware changes that would have to be made. i need to run a total of 6 motors individually and not in parallel in order to use individual endstops. (1 for x, 2 for y, 2 for z and 1 for extruder)

What stepper drivers do You use? Post links to the stuff in use.

For designing a 3D printer, I think you will get better information from the forums (

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