help with rc led light controller?

Hi, Found this when I was looking for DIY rc led light, so I decided to try this out :) I'm planning to make some working led lights for my scale crawler. The first question what board will be suitable (as small as possible)? I think I need some input from the receiver like... -If brakes on -main lights on/off -headlight on/off -if reversing -turnlight on/off and when steering left/right when speed is zero (so it don't blink everytime you make a turn) -and maybe something more?

Do I need a certain board which can read the output from a receiver?

Check this out, it may be helpful

If you want to make you own the arduino pro mini would be the smallest

What do I need to get started?

Is this used to connect the mini to the PC for programing

I would use a mini

and yes that FTDI board will program the mini

Good luck!

thanks, Now I just have to buy them somewhere and wait for them to arrive :) This is going to be fun :)

if you want to go for the cheap option look for clones on ebay, beware they tend to take a long time to arrive, sometimes they don't even arrive at all - but can be worth the gamble

thanks for the advice, looked around at stores in sweden and realized I could buy 4-5 pieces on ebay instead for the same price? So I ordered 2 from 2 different sellers on ebay, so now I just have to wait :)

Meanwhile I can start thinking of how I want the lights to work and what functions I want.

its pretty incredible the prices for the cloned stuff. I picked up some pro mini's for about £2.60 each the other week!

If i had more spare cash I would buy more of the official stuff, shame it is so much more expensive!

Good luck on the project, did you check out the lane boys controller - it might give u a head start or some ideas?

Yes I looked at his projects but couldn't get to page where the code and the stuff was? When I reach the page there's nothing there?

But I think I manage anyway, it's going to be fun to try to get everything right :)

Final I got one of the micro board I ordered :) I have hooked it up to the computer and started to test a bit, it was really fun.

But I have one question that I couldn't find an answer on, maybe I have searched for the wrong subject? Can I hook up the signal from a rc reciever direct to a analog input on the arduin and read the input values?

amilo1845: Can I hook up the signal from a rc reciever direct to a analog input on the arduin and read the input values?

The signal from an RC receiver is not analog - it is a series of digital pulses.

It is for controlling servos.