Help with relay issues

Hello and I want to thank you in advance for your help. I am new to Arduino programming, so I have limited knowledge. I created a program that is supposed to close certain (or all) relays dependent upon the serial command it receives. It appears to work; however, the last relay does not seem to switch. I also have a serial read out that I can see so I can troubleshoot any issues and I am getting the expected results via the serial terminal; however, the relay isn’t switching. I have verified the correct pins for all the relays and it appears to be correct. Any help you can give to help me fix this issue would be greatly appreciated.
The code is attached for reference.

LabViewRelayTest.ino (1.91 KB)

Write a simple test sketch that only operates all the relays. Report back.

String input_Y1; // Declare the variable for Y1 input from LabView
String input_Y2; // Declare the variable for Y2 input from LabView
String input_O; // Declare the variable for 0 input from LabView
String input_W; // Declare the variable for W input from LabView

Why do you need to piss away resources using Strings, when the input is ONE character?

Why do you use (trust) the data, and then print it? If you trust it, there is no reason to print it. If you don't trust it, print it FIRST, then use it.