Help With Rotating Display Stand.... Servo??

Hey Everyone.

I have been asked to build a rotating display stand for a customer that wants to have a 100 lbs. statue rotate 1 rev / hour.

I was thinking maybe using a servo and Arduino board? I am new to the arduino stuff and I am waiting for my first kit to come in so I can start to learn.

I am hoping some of you can ring in and let me know what would be best for something like this. It is going to be sitting on a 12" dia turntable with bearings I hope.

Thanks in advance!!!


I think the problem is more mechanical then electronic. With a servo, you will it to be continual rotating 360 degrees. No problem there. More then likely, a heavy duty servo, like 1/4 scale type. As far as drive, may be best to use a ring gear on the turn table and a pinon on the servo. That will give you less drag then a belt. Proper bearings would be a must. No problem driving it with Arduino. In fact a 555 IC will do the job if that's all you need it to do.

You would need a mighty large servo to turn a 100 pound statue, even on bearings. And it would only turn 180 degrees before having to turn back. Unless you meant a "continuous rotation" servo which is basically a regular servo modified to work as a DC gearmotor.

Sounds like you need an AC synchronous gearmotor:

If you can't find a motor and gear set that runs at 1 RPH you can use a worm and 60-tooth worm wheel to reduce a 1 RPM motor to 1 RPH.

You would need a mighty large servo to turn a 100 pound statue, even on bearings.

AT NEAR 200 oz-in there is plenty of power.

Thanks guys.. Am I thinking the right way for this? Or am I making it to difficult??

I want this to run nice and smooth with no hiccups :)