help with saving RFID code to EEPROM

Ok…i want to save the code output by an rfid reader to eeprom. I am using the “EEPROM_write/readAnything” commands ( The arduino code compiles and uploads properly, but when i use the “EEPROM_readAnything” command, the serial monitor shows the value “17968” instead of “0F03028CF8” (which is the rfid code). how do i fix this? btw i believe the rfid code is a character string, NOT a hexadecimal number.

#include <EEPROM.h>
#include “EEPROMAnything.h”
int code;
char rfid = {

void setup(){
Serial.begin (9600);
EEPROM_writeAnything(0, rfid);

void loop(){
EEPROM_readAnything (0, code);
Serial.println (code);
delay (1000);

You are writing a string to EEPROM, and then reading that as if it was an int. Garbage in == garbage out. Read it as a string (as you wrote it)or write it as an int (as you read it). DO NOT EXPECT MAGIC TO HAPPEN.

thanks paul. i got it to work