Help with schematic

Hello everybody,

I have one favor to ask if somebody have time. I have finished this project and its working excellent:

Now I want to add stuff:

ILI9325 or ST7735B that will only read data from next modules
GPS (MT3329)
MPU-6050 Module 3 Axis Accelerometer Gyroscope
SD card shield to record all.

As I understood gps needs 2 digital pins and accelerometer needs 2 analog and 1 digital.

For display and sd card I am not sure so I am asking you now is it possible to connect all of this, if not on one board maybe I can use 2 x board?

If some one could make small diagram I would appreciate.


6050 uses I2C and it uses 2 lines.

GPS needs RX&TX serial lines.

The SD card uses SPI, it uses 4 lines.
The displays use also SPI, it should be able to share the SPI bus with the SD card, with only one extra SS line

In theory you have enough lines, but you might get tight on memory. I don't know how big the display, gps, and IMU libraries are, but the SD card itself will eat more than 10kbytes of your program space.

Also, do you have enough SRAM left to accommodate the SD card and display libraries? I would go to a processor with more SRAM (and flash program) memory instead of adding another 328.

This is helpful, ok so lines are ok.

Can you reccommend another processor?

I am currently aboard a ship working so I have barely a internet access among other.

In october i plan to put all this together so i need to gather much info as i can.

Thanks for reply

An Arduino Mega should be enough. But before I would use a cheap nano/uno clone to test/learn each individual module. Just in case you fry it, it’s cheaper.

Yes I am good with these cheap ones. Didnt have any problem. But this is going on motorcycle so I hope for some compact.

Anyone have experience with these one: