Help with scheme in Eagle

Hi, can You tell me how to show on schematic Eagle - arduino ethernet shield w5200 connect to arduino mega ?
Put in simply Arduino mega? Is there any library for this shield?
Best wishes.

Google machine:

Thank You, I can use MEGAARDUINO_1 but I wonder how to show ethernet shield ?

I cant find this library - Arduino Ethernet Shield W5100 ;/

The authors of the W5100 have probably not have published a 'library' of the board.

The Eagle design files for the W5100 board are however easy enough to find.

Can You help me looking for this one lib ?

Maybe I can use standard library Arduino Uno because all of pins is the same in Ethernet Shield. In scheme I change name to : Ethernet shield and please tell me if that this idea may be correct ?

Can You help me looking for this one lib ?

Maybe your confused between a library, which is a database of individual parts you add to a board design and a board design which is a list of those indivividula parts and connections that fit in a board outline.

So the W5100 board design is published and you can use it as a basis for a new design but there is not for instance a library which is just the board outline and connectors. If thats what you want, start with the original board and just delete all the parts you dont need, leaving say the connectors in their place.

If your not familiar with the use of Eagle, then a good place to start is probably the Eagle support forum .......