Hello everybody, :) we are making a project for our school exam, we want to create a scoreboard using arduino wifi, the main task is to connect the scoreboard to a programmed app connected to the same wifi. this app has to increment the value on the scoreboard. is it possible to do such project? can anybody help us out? is it possible to connect various devices to the same arduino wifi shield at the same time? the arduino has to recive various inputs from various devices by the programmed APP, how can arduino count all these inputs and display them on a digital screen? thanks to you all, any help is very helpfull ;D 5 A ENC ITI ITALIA

Progettoscuola: ** is it possible to do such project?**


General thinking ...

I think a newbie on their 1st post can use bold and UPPERCASE and not understand it means "shouting." I'm not offended but I run my screen in hi-contrast because of poor eyesight.

@Progettoscuola: In reading over your post, the biggest hurdle I see is the "scoreboard". Is this a BIG scoreboard display or is it some type of projection device, or .... Well, interfacing to the scoreboard and making sense of how to display on that could be a big issue ... or not. If it is commercial, you are going to have to gather the interface connection schematic and specifications.

WiFi carries packets from one device to another. Typically protocols are HTTP over TCP or UDP. Just google these and do a light read. You do not need to be an expert at the protocol layer.

HTML over TCP is most likely what you would utilize in this scenario (and what I recommend.)

Come back with the scroeboard information, links, protocols used for interfacing, model numbers, etc. A number of members have the experience to talk intelligently from that point.