help with sd card and asxl345 6dof

hi all, please i need help with how to arrange the code to save data to the sd card. i am using adxl345 6dof accelerometer and it is working fine on its own, and also the sdfat library exmple for readwritesdfat is also working seperatly. i need to combine these codes so i can save data to the sd card.

what i did void loop(){

int x,y,z; adxl.readAccel(&x, &y, &z); //read the accelerometer values and store them in variables x,y,z

// Output x,y,z values - Commented out myFile.print(x); myFile.print(y); myFile.println(z); delay(1000);


Could you read this,,149023.0.html ?

Place your code between code tags. Please give links (just copy the url in the text) to the code and examples that you used. Please give a link to your 6DOF board. Please upload your whole sketch.

What is not working ? Is a file created ? Do you close the file after writing ? How would you want to write the data to the file, as binary or as readable text ?