Help With Seeed Studio TFT!

I have found a 2.8" TFT Touch Shield made by Seeed Studio and wanted to try to make it work. I used the library here and the touch feature worked just fine. However, I am trying to use the TFTLCD library to display items to the screen (ex. buttons, text, pictures, etc.). I tried PaintShield and it only displayed this:


Unknown driver chip: 0

I did not edit any of the code in the example. Wondering if I need to get a new touch shield.

Is your display the version 1 or version 2? As I recall, the version 1 uses a different driver than the version 2, which uses the ILI9341 chip. I'm not sure what the chip was in the version 1. Are you plugging the shield directly into the Arduino or connecting through a breadboard? For the version 2 board, theSPI connections actually are only connected through the ICSP header.

Bob Hart