Help with sending data from 2 tx module to one RX module

i want to build a temperature survilence system.
i want to use 4 arduino pro micro with one temp/humidity sensor connected to each one. they will then send temp/ humidity data with a RF- tx module to ONE RX module that is connected to one Arduino Uno.
i like to see the 4 different temp/ humidity values in the serial monitor on the RX part in the arduino UNO.
is this possible?
there must be some way to "mark" each data so the reciver part can distinguish with which tempsensor its data is coming from.
say that the sensors have a number like 1,2,3,3 so its possible to distinguish
from where the data is coming from.

AND there must be a way to prevent multiple sensors from sending at the same time. In a master-slave design the master sends out data requests and only the addressed slave is expected and allowed to send its data.

What sort of range does the wireless method require?

A NRF24L01 radio module can receive from 6 different transmitters. The basics of the rf24 modules can be seen in the simple rf24 tutorial.

Use a setup like @ DrDiettrich mentions where the master requests data from each slave by the slave address.

@lnejman - If you plan to use the nRF24L01 RF modules, then there are some excellent tutorials written by @Robin2. Follow the link that @groundFungus provided above to see them. I would recommend that once you have the modules wired up as per post #1, that you jump to post #30 to check that your Arduinos can communicate with the module.

I didn't have much luck with nRF24L01 modules (but that's just my specific scenario) so I went for RFM69 modules. There's a great library on the LowPowerLab github page that worked perfectly for me.

You can use a command-response setup like @DrDiettrich suggests but that requires the remote sensor nodes to listen out for the request from the master unit.

My own setup uses sensor nodes that sleep for most of the time to conserve battery life and wake around every hour (it's approx as they use multiple 8 second watchdog sleeps) and transmit temperature, battery level, tx power level and their own unique node ID.

The RMF69 library supports retries so that in the event of 2 or more nodes transmitting simultaneously, the node automatically tries to resend the data.

i am using 4 STX882 module for the transmitter part and one SRX882 for the reciver part.

i am using 4 STX882 module for the transmitter part and one SRX882 for the reciver part. its ASK modulation.

It can receive on six channels (addresses/pipes) at the same time,
that imposes no limit to the number of transmitters that could use these six pipes.

Thanks, I will revise my wording in the future.

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