Help with Servo and Breadbord/Aiuto con servo, potenziometri e breadbord

Hi, i have a problem with the connecting of 3 servo and 3 potentiometers on breadbord… Can i connect it following the scheme?
if it’s wrong. can you draw a correct scheme? Thanks!!

p.s. every potentiometer must control 1 servo

Salve, devo collegare 3 servomotori e 3 potenziometri ad arduino, utilizzo una basetta breadboard…
Ho disegnato uno schema con paint, è possibile effettuare in questo modo i collegamenti? Se è sbagliato, potete farmi voi uno schemino simile? Grazie!

p.s. ogni potenziometro deve comandare un servomotore

Cross-posting not allowed !!!

It seems rather harsh to lambast him for cross posting seeing as his original post had been made almost 2 weeks before this topic was started, and received no responses in the other thread! (also, you dug up a thread that hadn’t been posted to in 10 days just to say that?)

This is a simple question, in any event, and it baffles me that nobody answered it instead. That wiring should work fine. If the arduino resets when you run the servos, put a capacitor across the power.

Can i connect it following the scheme?

You need a separate external power supply for the servos. Do not power them from the arduino.