Help with set-up of Code::Blocks IDE, pls.

I have an UNO Rev3. I installed the Arduino 1.0.1 IDE and it works just fine. But CodeBlocks doesn't work.

I downloaded the latest Code::Blocks IDE for Arduino (Freematics Arduino Builder download | I can create an Arduino project; that's done by a wizard and there is no template. The IDE executes properly, but I can't seem to target the Uno Rev3. The Uno is not even in the MCU list. It seems to be stuck on building the code for the simulator - either in debug or release modes. Uploading fails completely.

I tried following some instructions for configuring the IDE (Arduino Forum) and (Arduino Forum) but these seem to try to create what is already there in the IDE - the project template. (The wizrd creates the project, rather than a template.) And those articles don't address the Uno Rev 3 as the target.

I'm stumped. Has anyone had any experience with this variant of the IDE?