Help with SIM808 bluetooth

I'm using the Maduino Zero SIM808 GPS Tracker v3.5 for my gps project - and everything is working
I want to add to the project a Bluetooth option.
but on scan I can't see the SIM808
when I scan from the SIM808 - I can see devcies all around me

the main goal is to make sure the gps is working ,
so when I will connect to him I will see the GPS location

this is what I have done :
I'm working manualy to make sure I don't miss anything

+BTHOST: Test_SIM808,48:e6:c0:1d:1e:1a

but I can't see it from my phone\computer\

when I run
I get a list of 5 devices around me (my phone \ computer and 3 more)

so it's not an antenna problem

what am I missing ?

Thanks ,

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