Help with simple IF-sentence

Hey guys, I have some problems with my MEGA2560 and an if sentence. What I want it to do is, when it gets a 'high' in on PINC PC1, the if sentence should go through. This is the sentence i've got so far.

if ((PINC & (1 << PC1)) == 0 )
{SendString("KORREKT KODE!\n");

The problem is, that it is doing the exact opposite. When i get a 'low' input, it goes through with the sentence, and when it gets 'high' it goes through with the else. How am i supposed to write my if? i cant seem to get it working.

A low would set the bit in the PIN register to 0, and that's what you test for. If you want your if to go for a high on that pin then you need !=.