Help with solar charger & supply

Hi, I've got a small problem. The circuit design has been lost for a solar trickle charger to run a permanent Arduino installation. All I have is a description. Fun, eh? Hoping someone can give me a little advice on it. * 12v 5AH battery (UB1250) and 12v solar panel. * solar cell feeds circuit through diode (assuming something like 1N4001) to prevent draining battery when it's dark * 10 ohm resistor limits power to 70mA (seems this might be for Ni-Cd batteries, rather than this larger lead acid battery) * Pair of transistors (eg 2N2222) that turn on when the power across the resistor comes up to limit the charge * Zener diode to protect the circuit from excessive voltage if the battery were to be removed while the solar panel was connected

Not my strong suit, so any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!

If you have the actual circuit, it is a very simple task to re-create the schematic. If you don't, Google will provide a very large number of designs for trickle chargers.