Help with stepper motor and temperature sensor

Hi all, I am a student and have only been doing arduino for 4 weeks so please be kind! I am trying to complete a project for Monday where I use a temperature sensor to move a stepper motor. Unfortunately I am really unable to get this to work and as I have asked so many people to help me my code has become too confusing for me to be able to even know where the problems are. I am completely lost! is someone able to look through my code and help me to understand what’s right but most importantly, what’s wrong? The basic ideas is that when the temperature goes above a set amount the motor turns one way x amount of times, when it goes below that temperature again then it turns in the other direction. Annoyingly because of all the people working on this code it has got confused as at one point we were trying to get it to work with a potentiometer therefore the code is really messed up!

Please help!
Thank you

sketch_feb16a.ino (867 Bytes)

loop2_function.ino (665 Bytes)

Stepper_function.ino (1.8 KB)

I am a student

...but you thought that you were so special that you could ignore the forum's clearly-posted guidelines?

Don't waste your precious time looking for this post's duplicate, I've deleted it.

my code has become too confusing for me to be able to even know where the problems are

You have posted three separate programs but you have told us absolutely zero about any of them. I am not even going to try to download them when you have not bothered with any sort of explanation.

And short programs like yours should be included in your Thread using the code button </> so they look like this.

And if those are only 3 snippets from a larger program then just post the complete program - also with a full explanation.