Help with Stepper motors?

So I have to do a project on short notice. So I had to buy the stepper motors available from a local store. But they had no idea whether its a unipolar or bipolar nor the operating voltage, So if u could tell which one it is it would be a big help! The other problem is how you control it? Please advice.

The motor has 4 wires. And its written (in the back)


P.S: Usually I do enough and more of research but since I got this project on such short notice. I need ALOT of help from the forums. Thanks in Advance.


A 4 wire motor is bipolar only. If you test for continuity between the four wires you'll find that there are two pairs.

Per the specs if you supply this with 2.4V then it will consume its maximum 2.0A (and thus you know the coils have a resistance of R = V/I or 2.4 / 2 = 1.2 ohms). This is not normal to drive them at this low voltage, however; typically you'll run this somewhere between 12V-40V for better speed. Using it at those higher voltages requires what is known as a "chopper" (or "current limiting") driver to keep the amperage at 2A.

So here's what you want to look for: 1) A power supply, probably 12V would be a good place to start but don't go looking for a power supply before you can see what the stepper performance is like with any ol' thing you can find lying around the house. 2) A motor driver like 3) A microcontroller (Arduino) to control the "step" and "dir" pins on the motor driver.

Is there a motor driver I can build myself?

Look for L297 and L6203 in google. Remember that in control of motor is used high voltage and control the current limited Edson