help with sure electronics 3216.

I have been playing with electronics for a few years now but coding and programing is a new field for me. I have taken on a project to create a popular latin american game known as "rana" or "sapo" basically a board with holes and one or two brass frogs each with a distinct point value, i have received some help from cohara at this topic,91451.0.html. I decided to use sure electronics 3216 matrix thinking i could use a different color for each team, but i keep getting error on the code no matter what library i use i get compiling errors if any one out there has a library that i could use to light up this display with arduino uno that will get me started into building my scoring display.

thanks in advance for any help you guys can give me.

The library and examples on this site work for me:

The wiring is a little tricky with this library. You have to look at the ports on the atmega chip. Also, some of the libraries were written with Arduino versions prior to version 1.0. But this one has been updated to work with the latest version.


Thanks transfinite, i finally got this thing to light up, for some reason when i tried to compile using arduino 1.05 i was getting tons of errors, i uninstalled it and upgraded to 1.5 and now i can upload without a problem.

thanks again T