Help with the audio VU meter control 3D LED CUBE 8X8X8

I'm so noob in arduino. Now I have a PCB of finished for 8X8X8 CUBE , I want a model to audio input by using mic. The arduino can use the audio signal change the 3D cube graphic like a VU meter. I only know that the CUBE is controlled by the arduino RX TX. So which type of arduino should I use? I don't know which audio model should I buy. I also have searched a topic about the FFT changing into AVR. It's a GCC lib.

Thank you for any suggestion!

anyone helps? :frowning:

"Anyone"? OK, that's my cue!

3D VU meter... What's the gimmick?

I've pondered a 3D spectrum analyser. Each level would be a snapshot, 2D freq_vs_VU slices in time that would shift out (FIFO) from the back to the front. It'd look like a... sonic landscape. The effect will probably look better in my imagination.

There is a 2D project, based on Uno board: It shouldn't be too difficult to adapt it for 3D ( don't have some parts to do it myself) , could you provide more info on the cube? Or link to the product web page?

Thank you guys!

Here is the cube information. But I made it larger. I just don't know use which modul for arduino to get the audio input is comfortable for this project.

But I still want to make it RGB. I don't know this one can be controlled by arduino?