help with the hexapod powersupply needed

i have 12 servos and i need specifically 5v and 3A s/ upply what shouild i do or what components do i need to achieve that.Can someone please help me with it

Are you sure that 3A is going to be enough for 12 servos? What sort of servos? Some servos need over 2A EACH.

But if you really want a 5V 3A power supply they are very easy to find. Mains powered? Battery?


yeah i have a micro servo 9g tower pro its a light servo and we have batteries (9v)so how many do we need to give 5V and 3A..

BTW thanx for your response slipstick..i need you help

i am doing it on experimental basis and i need to give a soulution in 4-5 hours

If the 9v battery you are referring to is a 'smoke detector' battery, it is completely impractical for powering servos. They cannot provide the needed current and very quickly drop voltage. If you are only pulling a mew milliAmps, then they are good. Otherwise, get a better battery.

4 or 5 Aa batterys are better. LiPo batteries are better.