Help with the Moderndevice 8x8 LED boards

I recently purchased the 8x8 LED kit from the Moderndevice website, and so far it has worked out just fine - got everything soldered up nice'n'easy - but now comes the tricky part: How do I "talk" to them??? I have downloaded the "default" code but I cant get it to work! Also I have tried to search this + other forums, but it doesn't seem like anyone has tried them? There are a lot of people doing 8x8 LED matrix, but they use the MAX 7219/7221 chips, but Modern Device's 8x8LED panel uses the STP16C596 chip!!! No help to get!!! So now I ask you (forum members :-) Does anyone in here know how to get them to work i.e. write the Arduino code!!! Any code-snippets or pointers would be much appreciated! A bit unclear I know, but I'm tired and it's late here in Denmark!!!

You're my only hope :-)

Hi moggiso

I recently finished two of these boards, and connected them together as per the Modern Device Instructions (on their web site).

I had no trouble get it to run and scroll a message using the code below which I modified from the code example ta (on their web site again).

My modification was only to change some of the characters to my own "Custom" designs (see comments on code).

Have you double checked the pin connections to the 8x8 board? I know I had a couple of goes before getting right.

Code is too long to post here but can email to you if you send me an email address. Hope this helps.

A single STP chip works exactly like two 74hct595 chips. The only difference is they have a high current output. The tutorials for the 595's may help.