help with this " script "?

Hi, All. Hope you can help with this:

I built a “ daft punk coffee table “ following lincomatic’s INSTRUCTABLE, Yet Another Daft Punk Coffee Table (5x5 LED Matrix) - Instructables . It works fine! Licomatic uses a code generator which is a hack of Ian’s How-to: Networked graffiti wall | Hackaday

Has some explanation, which I don’t understand well and a few links which don’t work.

The script will work for any arbitrary matrix, just change the dptRows and dptCols variables to the dimensions of your LLRD.

This is what I really need: a 7 x 7 matrix and this makes life easier because one can visualize the frames before coding.

Tried to contact lincomatic and Ian ( IanLesnet, has a contact link at ) without luck. If anyone is interested, can you check this please; Thanks.