Help with timer structure

Hello my friends! I am a newbie, just have an Arduino and I have following problem: Science I don't like to use delay function for timming, I would like to use something more real-time functions, like PLC's have. What I tried to create was something like a timer structure, with following members: EN-enable (active as long as conditions are true) TT-Timer Timing (active as long as timer is counting, but not reached a preset value) DN - Done (active when condition is On and ACCumulated value reached PREset value). I try to calculate Accumulated value by registering time before and after Acc value calculation, like this:

start_time = micros(); timer1_acc = timer1_acc + start_time - end_time; end_time = micros();

seems to work, but the result is not accurate at all. Actually is 4 times bigger than it shoult be,probably becouse it can return me only multimples of 4 and scan is seen as being like a microsec, but it counts 4. I don't know the bahaviour on bigger programs. Did any of you try to do something similar?

Can this be implemented in a library?

Best regards!

You mean like this library ?