Help with tutorials/ where to start

Hello, I need help with a starting point with several projects. I do NOT have much experience with Arduino and I'm Not very familiar with what parts and pieces to choose. I would like to learn how to do this myself although some guidance for getting started and which tutorials to start with will be needed. Below is a list of projects (controllers) I would like to learn.

  1. Delay Timer, basic function signal in hot- signal out hot, signal in cold-signal out hot (for specified period). I would like to put a fail-safe in as well like, signal in cold signal out hot unless aux signal in hot. I'm not sure what board to use and/or displays and boxes. I would like to keep it small but easy to work with as well. Basically this would be an automotive Engine shutdown Timer with a fail-safe to shut down if brake and/or other signals are used.

  2. Temperature Control, basic function turn on relay at certain temperature, keep on until power is reset. Again a display to show temp reading and possibly a low level LED to show when relay is on. Basically this would be similar an automotive engine fan control although it would be used for switching fuel types at a specified engine coolant temp. I would like to use a thermistor as my input signal? Then "Turn Off Mode" would be controlled by key voltage, when the key is off signal to the relay is off.

I'm not sure if its possible to have remote displays, but if it is that would cut down on my dash clutter. Also I'm not sure if there are display with buttons to make simple adjustments like delay time length and temp on, if not i can always have a few USB cords tied up for easy access.

Thank You for any help and suggestions

How to perform an Arduino forum Google search:

Go to the below Google advanced search page, and enter your search word(s), then paste the bottom

arduino forum link in the "site or domain:" text box. Then do the search.

In addition to the good use of Google you should work your way through several of the example sketches that come with the Arduino IDE. Most of the techniques you will need for your project will be covered by one or other of those examples. If you don't understand an example you can ask a question here.

There is also quite an amount of tutorial material on Learning section of the Arduino website.


I did most of these ARDX – Arduino Expermentation Kit « .:oomlout:. and I was pretty much set for all the basics of arduinos, especially since they're quite simple, they help you understand the most used components and programming, and most of the components are quite cheap.

load the sketch blink without delay.

that gem has the key to timing for you and multiple timers can run concurrency.

one thing about temperature control. the simplest is to have the fan on low speed if the temperature is between X plus 10 and say, X plus 20, and then on high speed if it is X plus 21.

on the way down, as it cools, keep the fan running until X plus 15, or X plus 5 that way, it will not turn on and off and on and off.

Thank you guys very much. I’m testing the turbo timer tonight on the bench with LED’s. Thanks Again

Well I feel like i have a decent start on my timer. I do have a couple of very simple questions. I am using a Duemilanove board and,

  1. If im to hook 12v automotive power which will vary a little when alternator is charging 12.8-14.6, would this hurt my board and if so would a resistor be good enough to bring voltage to correct spec and/or what board would you recomend that could handle the fluctuation?

  2. can i energize a std 12v relay with power out from board or would i need a transistor?


I havnt started my temp controller yet but plan to get there very soon

I would not connect any electronic device directly to an auto 12v system. As well as the voltage range you mention there are likely to be many high voltage spikes.

I would use a 7809 voltage regulator IC to produce a stable 9v supply from the 12v system.