Help with two motor driver libraries/documentation

Hi to all!

I’m having troubles trying understand how to make proper changes in the first code that uses Adafruit Motor Shield V2 libraries. So far I want to read FORWARD, RELEASE, BACKWARD and motor1/motor2 ports but for dual VNH5019MotorDriver which I’m using. Those are used only for that motor driver and can be found in this page

On the other hand, VNH5019MotorDriver (which I’m using) documentation

This is the original source code my_personal_robotic_companion/motor_controller.ino at master · sungjik/my_personal_robotic_companion · GitHub

And the one I changed is in attachments

There are in total 20 lines I need to change which libraries belong to adafruit motor shield. Could anyone tell me what should I declare or write for that part. I’m quite new in arduino coding, but I understand all dependencies it use. Is it posible somehow define the same values but for the shield I’m using?
If you’re asking what is it for, in general reads motor encoder’s ticks and control it speed with PID controllers. Then through ROS (Robotic Operating System) I drive a wheeled robot I have, but that’s another story :slight_smile: .
Please help, it musn’t be too hard to change.

motor_controller2.ino (9.21 KB)

Btw, it was solved by myself a month ago haha.