Help with UHF RFID adhesive and UHF reader

I'm working with a hospital helping them counting the gauzes/compresses that they use during a medical operation. The idea is that the number of gauzes they will use be the same that an electronic device would count by the end of the operation, and that will be reflected in a counter. The objective? To end with the human error that comes from the counting of gauzes used in an operation (inefficient and archaic process, bad counting--> gauzes are left inside bodies, among others).
The problem is that a lot of times, because of the blood, the gauzes stick together, so the electronic device must identify if this happens when the gauzes are thrown to the trashcan, and count all the gauzes separately.
To do this, I thought using UHF RFID adhesives in each gauze, so that a UHF reader (that would be placed in the trash can) reads each adhesive UHF that is in the gauzes that are thrown to the trashcan. Then, each adhesive UHF that is read by the UHF reader, adds +1 to the counter with an arduino properly programmed, and reflects this on a display LED.
Why UHF technology? Is the only one I know that have a range of several meters and can read multiple tags.
I'm open to any other solutions (hopefully cheaper than UHF tech)
I'm from other country, so sorry for the spelling mistakes or basic language.
I need to know if this is valid, and if so, what materials should I buy.

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