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Hello ,

I am at my wits end with arduino programming and am finally reaching out for help . To date I have studied and copied a pile of code & text definitions from the tutorials point web site ....... I am just not falling in line with this c programming language .

I did the plc course with my local college and as confusing as that was , I stuck with it and proved fantastic results . Then ....... I found out about a fantastic little microcontroller called arduino and I have been driving myself crazy trying to sink it’s programming language into my head . I’m stubborn & not giving up but I do need some help .

My project(s) : their are lots but allow me to start with my first . An aquaponic green house

In this green house there will be many variables including water temp , atmospheric temp , flooding timers for media beds , water levels for adding more water due to evaporation , timers to operate automatic fish feeders , when to open ceiling vents , when to start circulation pumps for heated floors in house & tank for winter operation and a pile more gadgets .

Back to my point , I could say good bye arduino ( micro plcs are cheap too and at least I understand the logic ) but at this point I have a considerable amount of time invested

It feels as if I am on the cusp of grasping this language and only need a point in the right direction

Best regards

The trick is to stop trying to lean code. Teach the computer human. Specifically your version of human.

-jim lee

You might want to review all the examples that come in the IDE.

Do not skip any of to sketches.

When you understand what a sketch is offering you, go on to the next sketch.

Don’t jump into a project until you fully understand the basics of electronics and programming.

When you run into problems, you can ask the volunteers here for help.

Have fun.

I am sure you did not qualify to run in the marathon the day after you were born yet that is what you are attempting to do here. Like walking learn the basics first and do a lot of the tutorials that are on line. Then start one at a time with each hardware device you will be using and learn how to use it. They put it together.

All quite doable with Arduino boards. But rather than starting with diving into the deep end with a bowling ball, start small.

Buy an Arduino starter kit or sensor kit. Use a breadboard to experiment with the sensors in the kit and using the example programs (called sketches- long story, but irrelevant) in the IDE.

This way you will learn the basics of C++ (not C, but similar enough) and the Arduino IDE. If you then run into coding issues, then come here for help.

Also read the sticky at the top of the forum "Read this before posting a programming question".

What Arduino board did you purchase?

Thanks for the replies , I shall remain steadfast , wielding Uno as my torch into uncharted syntax .

Try this fella on youtube. Arduino Tutorial - YouTube
He has done a half dozen videos on Arduino.

The “starting “ arduino course is in plane English and much easier to understand than the previous site I was using .

Happy to report c++ is starting to sink in and make a little bit of sense . Many , many questions coming ............

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