Help With uniploar Stepper Motor Pins ( DYD-35BY48S081) datasheet included

Hello Everyone.

I stumbled upon this forum after purchasing my first Arduino Uno. I must say, it is a wonderful source of information and what seems to be a fantastic community.

Unfortunately, my my first post is to ask for some help.

I have bought a bipolar stepper motor ( DYD-35BY48S081) datasheet :
I am having a bit of trouble with the wiring of the pins to the Arduino. I understand this motor requires external power to which two pins is dedicated (I suppose one red and one black). I am quite puzzled with which pins to connect to which output. I used this tutorial here:

in the picture you can see the six pins. (blue, red, black, black, yellow, brown)

I was hoping someone could enlighten me on how to connect the correct pins to the board.

I have tried googling some information and nothing has helped me. I understand there are ways to determine the pins although i have not been successful when attempting them. I am sorry if this question is basic or has been answered many times. As a member of other forums i understand how frustrating repeated questions are.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Edit: Picture too large


If you want to control it using 4 pins, do not use the black wires.
That's all.

the motor requires 12V so i need external power.
Therefore i need to use all the pins if i am correct? (from the guide)

No, there's motorshields for that.
You can make something yourself, but getting a motorshield is the easy way.
I'll read that guide sometime i got nothing else to do (meaning i didn't have a look at it).

Judging by the datasheet Its relly a 5-wire motor (the winding centres are shorted together
and brought out on the two black wires...) This can be checked with a multimeter / continuity
tester. If the two black wires are shorted together internally is a 5 wire motor and thus

If they are separate then you can drive it as either unipolar or bipolar. For unipolar drive
a darlington array would work, otherwise a dual-H-bridge motor driver would be appropriate.

It is definitely a unipolar motor.
I do have a darlington array coming on Monday.

I still am not sure which pins are suppose to be connected where. I know power pins are specific but does it actually matter where the others are connected?

Sorry again for the basic/stupid questions

[You said "bipolar" in the first posting BTW!]

The two black wires are common, they go to the +12V rail, and you switch the four other wires to ground with the
Darlington. Correctly sequenced and the motor rotates. Given the 1A rating I'd parallel-up pairs of darlingtons
if its a 2803 (that's an 8-channel darlington array). If your darlington array does not have built-in diodes then
you will need 4 free-wheel diodes (1 per winding). If your darlington array does have diodes you must connect its
positive rail to +12V (its only used for the diodes).