Help with using hardware serials

Hello all,

I am currently facing issues with the hardware serial available on the arduino MEGA.

I am getting a lengthy string of data from 9 different IMU's (X-IMU's by X-IO Technologies) which are sent to the MEGA via Rx1, Rx2 and Rx3 available on the MEGA and is printed on the serial monitor via Tx0. However, the problem is that, when seen on the serial monitor the data is erroneous at certain times and I'm guessing it is due to a lot of data loss.

All sensors send the data in floating point values.

Is there a new improved version of the hardware serial that I can make use of so as to improve efficiency and in-turn reduce data loss?

The circuit is as follows:

Sensor1 ----->

Sensor2 -----> MEGA 1-----------------------|

Sensor3 -----> |


Sensor4 -----> |/

Sensor5 -----> MEGA 2 ----------------> MEGA 4

Sensor6 -----> /|\


Sensor7 -----> |

Sensor8 -----> MEGA 3 ---------------------|

Sensor9 ----->

Are you the same as RanjithShanbhag ?
We answered that here :