Help with voltage input in this project

Hi, im a novice in the world of arduino, and i want to make this project, but, only with 2 servos:

My question: How much voltage should be use?

I have:
The two servos (TOWER PRO - MICRO SERVO SG90)
Hc 06 Uart Ttl Jy-mcu
Should I use external power like in the video ? (9v)
Thank you.

You should not power motors or servos from your Arduino. Your motors or servos should have a separate supply with the ground of the supply connected to the ground of the Arduino.

sorry, i dont understand... i dont need a power supply of 9v? i can use the servos only with the arduino ?

You need a separate power supply. I do not know the servos so I do not know the correct voltage.

You wrote Arduino, and this is an Arduino forum. I am sure that you can use those servos with other microprocessors also.

This is a page with specifications of servo
The voltage of one is 4.8v ? Are two servos.. i need 9v?

The servo power pins get connected in parallel, so each see 5 to 6V.
Just like plugging multiple lamps in to wall sockets. They each get 120VAC, yes? (or 220V in other parts of the world)