Help with wifi project Arduino Robot

Hello my name is Rafael, I am building a robot (car chassis) to assist in the delivery of medicines and materials and entertain children in hospitals. The robot has two servo motors, support for mobile, two LEDs, 1 Wireless Bluetooth Module and IP camera. Until the very moment I could control it by mobile phone via Bluetooth and the long distances I access by the mobile computer that is attached to the robot that the mobizen, remote access between your computer and phone and give birth to such access I can connect the phone bluetooth and open the robe of control and control it from anywhere in the world that has internet wifi. I have some problems happen can help me? MY PROJECT resembles THIS: origibot

1- I want to access the robot by wifi, if he Rebbe commands I access a website IP address port the robot can receive data and send as well. I do not know which module to use, I have heard the Transceiver Module Serial Wifi Wireless Esp8266 do not know if you have possibilities? Another thing is to develop all the software with the direction buttons with each letter to drive the robot forward, reverse, left, right, stop, lighting LEDs, think it has to be mounted html code. The system works the same as IP camera, or I can access the camera anywhere and move it. Has some videos below:





  1. The Chassis 2 wheels Kit Robotics Robot does not walk straight, usually sink to somewhere guess maybe can be the one behind the wheel of silly wheel (Universal) do not know if it can influence or should I buy a four-wheel car, think I'll take the wheel and test with an iron in place or put another.

3- I need to create an arm robot and flexible and narrow to pick up objects as I do that there are some models in the free market do not know whether they are appropriate.

4- I need to increase the Arduino Uno connections that use equipment Prototyping Prototype Shield Protoshield Mini Breadboard For Arduino Duemilanove? 5- A form of energy that lasts longer and how to reload, I thought of a battery charger that can plug into the outlet and recharge ace piles.

Thanks Rafael Torres.

A simple routerbot setup.