Help with Wii Classic Controller Integration with Arduino.

Hey Opensource coders, I have a quick question and I was wondering if I could get some help.

I am trying to interface a Wii Classic Controller (the one with the extended handles - looks similar to the style of a PS3 controller) and a arduino uno. I am using []]]( library.

I was successfully able to get the given test code to compile and work with the library, it will even upload to my Arduino. But it won't actually detect any type of incoming data from the controller. If I unplug the controller then it will starting writing information as if the "connector" is communicating but once I plug a controller into it, it stops.

Here is an example of the output with the adapter plugged in and the controller unplugged: Buttons: right shoulder: 0 left shoulder: 0 left stick x: 0 left stick y: 0 right stick x: 0

right stick y: 0

But once I plug in the controller it stops detecting anything from the serial.

Here are all the parts I am currently using.

WiiChuck Nunchuck adapter - shown here. I am using an Arduino Uno. A wii classic controller (I also experienced this issue with a wii nunchuck) if there is any additional information you need just let me know..

Thank you for the help - TheTrueMzungu