help with windows 7 printer set up

can anyone help with setting up my printer on windows 7…spot the mac user!

So my printer is HP leaser jet 2100 that plugs into my router by Ethernet, and on the mac I just put in the IP of the printer and wooow it prints!

would like to have the same on my PC too… :-*

Have you tried the same thing? Lol there’s definitely an option in Windows 7 when installing a printer to specify the IP address.

wow that was painless for windows! :wink:

I love windows, and to be honest, don’t really care for Macs. I guess it all depends on where you live/who raised you ;)! For all people say about Macs being “Intuitive”, I just find it stupid. Have you seen that video on youtube of two IT guys spending about 30 minutes figuring out how to change an icon’s font color on a mac? It’s funny :P.

Not trying to sway you in any direction, but I’ve never had problems with my (multiple) PCs I’ve built.

How did you find Vista :wink:

How did you find Vista


Actually, I like Vista. I’ve literally never had any of my 3 vista computers crash, nor have I had any hardware problems. I’m now running 7 on one of my Previously vista computers, and it still works flawlessly. There’s certainly no denying that 7 was a vast improvement, but for me, it mostly added features rather than fixing bugs.

current vista is fine

current vista is fine

Release date 2006, fine date 2010 ;D

I really like 7 so far, but Os X is the best of the bunch for what I need day to day…Adobe CS.

But still have a PC for games :slight_smile:

I run photoshop CS3 better on my Win7 computer than on my comparable hackintosh (yes, I have a hackintosh).

You know I really think it comes down to the fact that a lot of men are not comfortable enough in there sexuality to get a real Mac :wink:

More like I didn’t feel like buying a Mac when I knew outright that I was unlikely to like it more than my PCs. As it turned out, I didn’t, and I rarely use that partition on my computer ;D.

Window, Mac, Linux, Pfff… I’m an Arduino ;D


Window, Mac, Linux, Pfff… I’m an Arduino

Well yes, but what kind of Arduino? ;D