Help with Xbee range

Hello, I would like to use 2 Xbee 2.5 moduls but i have may problems with signal range quality.

First i make this so simple connection to 2 PC with X_CTU software for test and programm moduls. One is router AT and the auther is coordinator AT. the 2 are IDPAN (68) they looking the auter with ATND. driver are the last :

But the range test in X_CTU, is verry bad (12 to 18%) at 10cm and the signal test is loosing many times !!!

I don't understand beacause i think that is so simple to connecty 2 XBees !! (I have 4 Xbee moduls and i test with the auther and same thing...)

Any one have some idee about that....what i'm doing wrong ???

Thank's for your help !!


The xbees come in regular and pro (extended range) versions. Which do you have?

The xbees also come with 3 different antenna types - chip, wire, and external. Which do you have?

From what I have read in some XBee 2.5 Product support literature, you need a special dongle to attach to your router xbee which I think takes data that is recieved from the coordinator and then sends it right back. (Not 100% on how it exactly works.)

Here is a link to the info off Digi's site about using the XCTU range test. It is the Quick start guide. This page also has the product manual. (im about 45pages into it out of 90)

If you have the coordinator connected to the computer with XCTU open to the terminal, the the other xbee powered from another source. When you type +++ into the terminal, wait for the OK then type ATND, you should recieve a reply with the routers serial number, node identifies etc.

If that works then they are connected.