Help with XML reading

I’m trying to read the temp from an XML and what I’m getting isn’t exactly what I’m after.

Here is the code that needs to be altered.

// Temperature
    if(finder.find("<temp_f>") )
     int temperature = finder.getValue();

So for example, this is what the XML code says


When the sketch reads it, it prints <temp_f>39 instead of just 39, which of course, makes it a bit difficult to do anything with.

Any ideas, I’m sure it is something simple.

Could this line of code have something to do with why it prints <temp_f> I wonder ?


One of those, yes, just not sure which one.

Or how to code it

One of those, yes, just not sure which one.

One of those one lines? And you're not sure which one of the one? I'm not feeling hopeful, here.

Or how to code it

The first thing you need to do is define what "it" is. Actually writing the code then is usually fairly simple.