I am looking for help programming.

I need the board to play sounds.

On power up it needs to play a certain sound and then switch to a hum sound. When the board is movedit needs to switch to a swing sound. when it is struck it needs to play a clash sound. When it is powered of it needs to play a certain sound.

Basiclly it is going in a lightsaber ( like from star wars) Any help is needed.

The wiring will be

l Swing Sensor (accelerometer)
l l
----------------------- l
l Board l-----------------------
l-------------------------------Power Switch

Any help coding this will get you a free or discounted light saber from The Force Forge.

Take a look at this module
Looks like it'd be simple to interface with.
Can also Stop file playback, so you could change sounds with change in detected action.

No suggestions on the accelerometer yet. Ihink Sparkfun has some breakout boards or modules for that.

Maybe this for the accelerometer

THank you however The board can only be a most 1 in wide. Im looking to use a arduino board just need help writing the code for it.

Try an Arduino Nano, with one of these: