hey , i am new to Arduino and and not to sure what i am doing. Basically for a university project i want to create a mirror which shouts compliments when people walk past. im guessing i will need a proximity sensor to detect the people walking past ? as well as a small speaker for the wav/mp3 to be played through. ? As this will be displayed in the town centre i need it to not be connected to a computer and all be saved to the arduino.

Can anyone help me on what i need to get and if i need to buy things specific for arduino or if everything is compatible ? any help will be greatly appreciated

thanks :)

Any Arduino will do. I recommend the basic UNO.

For people detection I'd try an PIR (Passive Infrared) detector. They are used in alarm systems and night lights to detect people.

For the audio output there are several MP3 shields that will allow you to play audio from an SD card.

thats great thanks for your help :)

adafruit has a nice wave shield with example code - -