hi, am totally new to programming. and i have to write a code to send data from adxl345 to micro sd card and also implement median filtering on d data.

please can some help me how to go about it. i dont even know where to begin i am using adxl345(6dof) from sparkfun,arduino uno and micro sd shield from sparkfun thanks

Arduino Uno is good, it is the easiest Arduino board. Install the software, and try to upload the 'Blink' sketch to the Arduino board. Read also the "Getting started" on the main page.

This is the Sparkfun page of the ADXL345, It uses 3.3V and I2C communication. The Arduino has an 3.3V output, so you can use that. The I2C library is called "Wire" library, The communication is I2C, you use analog pins A4 and A5 of the Arduino Uno for I2C. Use code from Sparkfun, or look at the Playground sections, (search for adxl345).

This is the Sparkfun page for the micro SD card, The SD library is included with the Arduino IDE.