I just heard about Arduino, I went to sparkfun bought a usb arduino, a couple leds, a couple buttons, now I’m looking for some more functionality, I saw the guide on how to make a cheap proto-shield, so I ordered the parts for that but I was wondering what kind of wire I can use with this and if anyone knows a good place to buy wire/sensors and anything else you can think of to do some cool stuff with an arduino.

Oh and I almost forgot, I have no idea how to use the buttons (I assume I need the protoshield first but even then I have no clue if anyone could help me out)


for electronic parts, look in the yellow pages for a local supplier. Most towns have at least one place. Get some 22 guage wire for the connections, or even better a “breadboard wiring kit” with a prototyping breadboard. Once you have that, you only need the parts listed in the tutorial. To get started, do the simple tutorials first: led blink, switch and melody tutorials, for example.

hope this helps


thank you, the button tutorial somehow I missed, but it’s very helpful, tells me exactly what to do.