Je vient d’acquérir une Arduino DUE et je voudrait savoir comment faire pour que lorsque que j’appui sur une touche de mon clavier d’ordinateur (n’importe laquelle) , une LED s’allume immédiatement sur l’un des ports de l’Arduino ?

Merci d’avance

P.S.: Auriez vous des liens présentant les principales fonction pour la programmation d’Arduino ?


I recently acquired an Arduino DUE and I would like to know how to make when I press a key on my computer keyboard (any), an LED lights up immediately on one of the ports Arduino?

Thank you in advance

PS: Would you links with the main function for the Arduino programming?

The French we can handle. One way or another.

Let me explain that many (or most) people who answer here will not respond to a request with a meaningless or irrelevant title, largely because they feel it suggests the questioner simply has not researched the topic at all.

For your situation, you need to explain the purpose of this project as much as the expectation - because there may well be a much more appropriate way of performing the task, quite possibly not using an Arduino at all (and a DUE is manifestly "overkill" for what you describe - it is perhaps unfortunate that your previous enquiry as to which Arduino would be most suitable to start with, was not answered either).

Before asking the question you also need to start familiarising yourself with the Arduino platform by following necessary tutorials in setting up the IDE - the development environment - and successfully executing a variety of "sketches" to perform individual steps of the task you describe such as controlling one or more LEDs and receiving input from the PC via the "Serial Monitor" facility.

It would also seem that what you describe requires programming on the PC which is not in itself the ambit of this board, but most certainly a clear explanation of the purpose of your project would be critical to any further advice.


Sorry if I was not clear enough in my previous post but my ultimate goal is to control a number of relay or transistor when I press a predefined key on my computer. Only having 16 years my programming skills are not large enough (despite the research that I have done this) for this project. So I turn to you so that you can advise me on how to better understand the communication between Arduino and Computer.

Thank you in advance

Have you looked in the Communication Examples that come with the IDE. Perhaps some of them have some of the things you want?