Hello, I need help with the skit arduino, well the truth is that my knowledge with Arduinos are very few, I have a few months learning how to use it and the truth still have some doubts ... I tell them my situation, at school I am studying , I was asked to create a program with arduino, specifically a project of automation, where in a logical order must be activated different devices, the order is with an inductive sensor to detect any metal passing through a door, this would replace an access control , then this sensor will send a signal to a sound sensor that will work as a switch to turn on the lights in the room ... that would be a program and ideally do it with one arduino and another program is that if a person go through the door without activating the inductive sensor and an infrared sensor active sends a signal that activates a siren and beacon safety

not if I explain well but I hope you can help me a bit with my problem, my disposal with 3 Arduinos one inductive sensors, infrared sensors, beacons and sirens

Please start here:,148850.0.html

Think about what you are wanting to do. Break it down into sections. Show us what you've tried so far, and please don't write long paragraphs consisting of only one sentence.

And please, give it a descriptive subject line.