Hello I had a strange error pop up and I can fix it it says that COM3 is in use and to exit programs that could be using it I tried but did not work HELP :astonished: :astonished:

I think the IDE can tie itself into knots. If you exit Arduino altogether and start over, it should clear things.

If I get that type of issue, I just unplug/replug the arduino USB cable.

That happens if you do something that causes the serial port to go away temporarily while the IDE is connected to it. The IDE does not handle that case gracefully (lots of things don't).

Exit the IDE entirely, and replug the cable. Failing that, reboot.

DrAzzy: Exit the IDE entirely, and replug the cable.

Indeed. I forgot about the cable. It is just as important as restarting the IDE.

Are you possibly overloading the USB 5V ?