I want to build a robot that follows me and carries my stuff and I was wondering if I should use infrared and have a transmitter on my shoe and the robot has two receivers to receive the signal or should I use some other method, also what is the command for an IR receiver. Thank you Brennan

How much experience do you have with mechanical stuff, computers and electronics?

There have been quite a number of previous follow/track me discussions. I don't remember any of them actually getting implemented. The below project seems to work, so that might be your best bet.

Hi, Brennan, as the OP you can go and change the title of this thread. "Help" does not tell anyone looking at the index what you are wanting help for, so someone who could help you may have passed you by. We know you want help so make your title

"I want to build a robot that follows me and carries my stuff"

It says a lot more than Help.

Tom.... :) What is your electronics, programming, arduino, hardware experience?

@Brennan_the_builder, to change the title you just need to edit it in your Original Post

Google robot follow person