I have included the instructions in my arduino kit but it does not say what pins to connect the potentiometer to can any body help

Principle The Sunfounder board and other MCUs cannot directly drive stepper motors. A driver circuit is necessary, so we choose an ULN2003 module here as shown below. There are four LEDs on the top. The white booth in the middle is connected to the stepper motor. The bottom is four IOs used to connect with MCUs. When an IO is high, the corresponding LED will light up. The black jump hat on the right is power source input end. The driving method for stepper motor can be categorized as four-beat and eight-beat. In this experiment, we take four-beat for example, for it is simple. You can drive the motor as long as you input HIGH to the four ports A, B, C and D in turn. How many beats needed for the shaft to take a turn It is 360 degrees for the shaft to take a turn. In this experiment, we set that it takes 100 steps to take a turn. So each step will be 360/100 = 3.6 degrees. Experimental Procedures Step 1: Connect the circuit ULN2003 SUNFOUNDER IN1---------------------------------------------2 IN2---------------------------------------------3 IN3---------------------------------------------4 IN4---------------------------------------------5

67 + ----------------------------------------------5V “-“--------------------------------------------GND Step 2: Program (Please refer to example code in our CD) Step 3: Compile and debug the program Step 4: Burn the program into SUNFOUNDER UNO board Now, if you adjust the potentiometer, the stepper motor will rotate corresponding degrees.

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